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Welcome to the site.

We sell items for other people on eBay and at Auction in the Wells Area.

Our charges are 1/3 of the final value of the item. This includes Photographing the item, packaging and delivery. We charge the buyer the amount for packaging and delivery. This means that an item that sells for 1000 would return 667 to you.

Items quite often sell for between 2-4 times the price you would get for selling it on the high street.

We will not normally do a collection service for items which we consider to have little value. If you have a number of items then this will mean that it would be worth doing an auction for the items.

All electrical items we sell will be PAT tested by a qualified engineer before they are accepted.

We have been trading on eBay for over 13 years and have a lot of experience of presenting your items so they sell well.

We are registered Trading Assistants on eBay so conform to their code of conduct.


Contact us at:

or call us on:  078 424 424 24   to discuss your requirements.



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